Gautamiputra Satakarni Nandamuri Balakrishna, Hema Malini, Shriya Saran, Kabir Bedi Krish 12 Jan, 2017 2 hrs 25 mins Gautamiputra Satakarni is a 2017 Telugu epic historical action film produced by Saibabu Jagarlamudi , Y. Rajeev Reddy on First Frame Entertainment banner and directed by Krish. Starring Nandamuri Balakrishna in title role marking his 100th film as an actor, and Shriya Saran as the female lead, Hema Malini in a crucial role and music composed by Chirantan Bhatt. The film is based on the life of 2nd century AD Satavahana ruler Gautamiputra Satakarni. The film is Nandamuri Balakrishna's 100th film. Gautamiputra Satakarni as promised is all about Telugu glory. And through the narrative, not once does Krish let you forget that women are the ones in power. Shriya as Vashishti Devi looked majestic yet delicate and played the role of a hurt mother impeccably. Hema Malini too was a delight to watch on screen. Although the maturity in Balayya's face helped during the high-emotion scenes, his body language wasn't cooperating. Your love for the language will experience a boost after watching this film. It was a job well done by Sai Madhav Burra; kudos! As much as the album was a great hear, the songs don't do much for the film. Read full story ... This movie is a historical and it does the job of one - narrating the events. It focuses on telling the story in the grandest manner possible and gives lesser attention to details like CG during the war scenes. Repeat footages and weakly choreographed and costumed war sequences were a slight put off when you were riding high on the chivalry of yore. Cinematography too captures the mood of the film perfectly and not once would you find the visuals (barring the CG) unnatural. Having said that, the purpose of the film is telling the story and it did stay true to that. Gautamiputra Satakarni is certainly a must-watch for someone who feels strongly about the Telugu culture, language and history. And for others, it's a story you'll appreciate. Read full review of Gautamiputra Satakarni . Considering the advance bookings on th e film, which have already crossed 10 crores, the release could fetch over 15 crores gross approximately, gathering 10 crore from AP alone after the tax exemption. The global theatrical rights of the film have already been bought at a whopping 46.8 crores, and that already makes GPSK a success. Meanwhile the US collections are sure to cross $1 million soon after release. Coming Soon... Actor Sai Dharam Tej tweeted, "Hearing great reports about # GPSK congratulations to the whole team and @DirKrish , #NBK garu you are an inspiration to many of us, (Sic)." Kalyanram Nandamuri, "A landmark film for the Legend. Wishing Balayya Babai and the whole team of GPSK the very best. NBK 100 will make us proud, (sic)." However, director RGV tweeted rather much to the annoyance of the mega clan, "Hey @DirKrish Am supremely thrilled to hear my judgement went so right ..Congrats on the roaring talk of GSPK ..100 Cheers to u nd Balayya. Balayya in his 100th film only seems to have become 150 times more Mega advanced in terms of great cinema, (sic)." Shobu Yarlagadda wrote, " @DirKrish You made the impossible possible! Simply superb! Congratulations to NBK, you, Rajiv, n entire team , (sic)." Director S S Rajamouli wrote on his facebook page, "Saaho Basavatarakarama Putra BALAKRISHNA!!! I salute you sir for your portrayal of Satakarni that will make Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao garu proud. He will shower his blessings from above. Anjana Putra Krish, the blessings of 12 crore Telugus across the globe will be with you. How in the heavens could you make this epic in 79days? Unbelievable.. I have got a lot lot to learn from you.. Sai Madhav garu, your pen is Satakarni's sword. Excellent camera work and extraordinary production values make Satakarni a proud Telugu film to remember for a long time., (sic)."
#GautamiPutraSatakarni - Interval : No one can be normal during the interval episode.. GOOSEBUMPS 👌 Outstanding BGM by @bhattchirantan 👌👏 — Nitin Chakravarthy (@Nitinreddy1111) 1484196041000
First half of #GautamiPutraSatakarni is simply outstanding 👍🙏👌👏 BGM, War sequences are terric. Hatsoff to director #Krish and whole team — Kalyan Chakravarthi (@kalyanathidhi) 1484195511000
First half done .. #JaiBalayya slogans tho Prasad's big screen kuda daddarillipothondi 😀. #GautamiPutraSatakarni — Perrytard (@Jaqtard) 1484195072000
#GautamiPutraSatakarni 1st half Good 2nd half Amazing #Balayya at his bst Krish,burra amazing work It's just #jaibalayya Rating: 4/5 — e24x7 (@e24x7News) 1484192943000
#GautamiPutraSatakarni first war episode #TeluguJathiSimham. Fans Pandaga. @DirKrish — Vamsi Shekar PRO (@vamsishekarPRO) 1484181766000
Extraordinary response to premier shows #GautamiPutraSatakarni. No seeing back. Biggest milestone in NBK career & Tollywood history. — Vamsi Shekar PRO (@vamsishekarPRO) 1484181322000
Interval - Mesmerising, Magnificent. Stunned by this epic. Balakrishna's career best Till now #GautamiPutraSatakarni #GPSK!! — Deepak (@deepuzoomout) 1484191682000
Camera work is top notch including RR & dialogues by sai madhav garu are a HUGE asset.congrats to the whole team of #GautamiPutraSatakarni. — ram achanta (@RaamAchanta) 1484191795000
#GautamiPutraSatakarni is a perfect landmark film for #NBK100.Kudos to @DirKrish vision & making such a spectacular in short time 👍👍👍. — ram achanta (@RaamAchanta) 1484191604000
#GautamiputraSatakarni @bhattchirantan completely mesmerised with ur music n bgm sir👌🏻👌🏻..waiting for more in telugu..#GPSK blockbuster 😍💪 — Mahesh Bommineni (@BommineniMahesh) 1484189675000
Came back home dialogues haunting after 5 or 6 years this will be the movie will be watching in theatre for 2nd time #GautamiPutraSatakarni — Sujith Kumar M (@muttinenibobby) 1484189170000
ARACHAKAM 1st Half Pre interval :Goosebumps 🙏🙏🙏 Balayya one man show. @DirKrish 👌👌👌👌 #GautamiPutraSatakarni #GPSKOnJan12th — God of Masses (@ImkaNTRi) 1484183214000
Extraordinary filmmaking from Krish & another terrific performance by Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna. #GautamiPutraSatakarni #GPSK — Arpit Paithankar (@ImArpit28) 1484188871000
No one can get better than this for the land mark 100 film. Hats off @DirKrish 👌👌 Burra dialogues🙏👌👌,BGM fantastic. #GautamiPutraSatakarni — God of Masses (@ImkaNTRi) 1484188098000
Superb reports for Balayya and @DirKrish 's #GautamiPutraSatakarni from early shows 😀👍🏻👌🏻#NBK100 #GPSK — Mahesh S Koneru (@smkoneru) 1484187896000
First half war scenes and balayya dialogues super. Interval bang Intensity peaks. #GautamiPutraSatakarni #GPSK — Harsha (@TheHarsha) 1484186705000
Dailogues in war scenes written very well hats off to #SaiMadhavBurra #GPSK #GautamiPutraSatakarni — katamarayudu (@Vikaskanna23) 1484207329000
Sai madhav burra raasina adbuthamaina dialogues A sthaayini andhukogala natudu Balayya matrame #GautamiPutraSatakarni #NBK100 — Sasi (@iSasiBhushan) 1484207261000
every telugite has to experience this magnum opus. majestic story of a Telugu king.Saho Satakarni Sarvabowma #NBK100 #GautamiPutraSatakarni — ƘƖƦƛƝ ЄƊƛƦƛ (@Kiran_TheRay) 1484206067000
Good 1st half #GautamiPutraSatakarni — పోకిరి (@venkatmkr) 1484205970000
Congratulations To @DirKrish 👍 Extraordinary film .Balayya Dialogues are just awesome and Rocking.💪 #GPSK #GautamiPutraSatakarni #NBK100 — s akhil raju (@akhilrajus007) 1484205908000
#GautamiPutraSatakarni 1st half ARACHAKAMMM is a small word kummi padesadu BALAYAAAA🙌 history movie tho kuda WHISTLES stuff @DirKrish 🙏👏BGM👌 — 14 (@shasha1495) 1484205769000
#GautamiPutraSatakarni Review: 1st Half:Good 2nd Half:Avg Plus: BalaKrishna Dialogues Production Values DOP -Ve: Ca... — INDIA BOXOFFICE BUZZ (@kalyan_krazy) 1484205697000
Done with #GPSK very gud 1st half, Gud 2nd half . Burra sai madav dialogues superb. @DirKrish 👍👍 #GautamiPutraSatakarni — #Mahesh23 (@s_srikant) 1484205658000
Saw #GautamiPutraSatakarni and I think it is bigger better wider than Bahubali — Mohith (@xMohith) 1484205592000
Shriya is competing with Balayya in performance. #GautamiPutraSatakarni #GPSK #NBK100 @shriya1109 — Tolly bites (@alltollywood) 1484213654000
#GautamiPutraSatakarni Dialogues by Burra Sai Madhav Terrific 👏👏👏 Photography superb.. War scenes highlight. Bgm Super. — vinay (@vinay_a9) 1484213417000
I wish #NBK100 enters 100 club !! #GautamiPutraSatakarni Jr NTR shiv rajkumar role chesi vunte bhale vundedhi. Ah song impact vundipoyedi — Ravi Teja (@raviteja) 1484213250000
#GautamiPutraSatakarni What a movie friends.. No words to explain Jai balayya.. — bujji (@KumarYagati) 1484213234000
#GautamiPutraSatakarni @DirKrish Hatsoff sir. #Gamyam #Kanche #Vedam #GPSK Telugu Cinemalu proud 79 days to complete #GPSK 🙏🙏🙏 — vinay (@vinay_a9) 1484213191000
#GautamiPutraSatakarni @DirKrish u kept ur word and made an extraordinary film Spl Mention #Balayya for amazing performance as Satakarni — Vishnu Teja (@9lu) 1484213183000
Because of #GautamiPutraSatakarni, No other country dared to step in Bharata kandam for 1500 yrs !! Charitra Telugu Charitra ! Proud moment — Ravi Teja (@raviteja) 1484213056000
Dialogues by Sai Madhav, Voice over by Krish, NBK are highlights..!! Goosebumps when Krish says abt #GautamiPutraSatakarni before The END — Ravi Teja (@raviteja) 1484212939000
Toned Body bouncerlaki kooda untadi. But NoBody could have performed better as #GautamiPutraSatakarni than Balayya himself. Dialogues _/\_. — ॐ Deepak (@KodelaDeepak) 1484203351000
Balakrishna's performance n dialog delivery as #GautamiPutraSatakarni 👍Nobody in TFI could've done it better than him.It's an NBK-Burra show — Ganesh Ravuri (@ganeshravuri) 1484210404000
20 years naa fanism ki #Balayya naku ichina gift #GautamiPutraSatakarni ... Jayahoooo Sarvabowmaaa jayahoooo Epic is small word .. #NBK100 — # NBK100 😎 GPSK # (@RaviAKP) 1484208012000
@DirKrish really great work n thanks for showing all who SATAKARNI is.. dailogues r peaks... BALAKRISHNA rocked.. #GautamiPutraSatakarni — mike (@michaelreturns) 1484220959000
Bahubali was brilliant visually, but writing was not that good, esp the romance, seems #GautamiPutraSatakarni has made up for it. — Sudhaputra Ratnakar (@GabbarSanghi) 1484220921000
Film leaves you with a void in not packing enough story about #GautamiPutraSatakarni other than wars.. — Gaaliputra Satakarni (@Vadagaali) 1484220881000
Over all, Average flick can be watched once for the attempt and Balayya. #KhaidiNo150 is the sankranthi winner #GautamiPutraSatakarni — SADDY (@king_sadashiva) 1484220469000
@raviteja Last line by Krish ! One of the best movie in TFI history. Epic wonder #GautamiPutraSatakarni #GPSK #NBK100 — Suresh Chowdary😎😎 (@Suresh_MBAddict) 1484220221000
Dialogues, Few scenes, BGM and Balayya powerful performance are Pluses. Songs and dragged sec half are Minus. #GautamiPutraSatakarni — SADDY (@king_sadashiva) 1484220160000
Records di emundi bagunte ave vasthay. Kani ilanti bommalu appudu appude vasthayi. Peaks bomma👌 #GautamiPutraSatakarni — #Mahesh23 (@Sumanth4Mahesh) 1484220109000
Only Balayya can give my father high 😍 #GautamiPutraSatakarni shwd me this beautiful feeling seeing him immensely happy.. Thanks @DirKrish — Pavankumar dhruv (@MyselfPa1) 1484220106000
Fans aanandapade movie #KhaidiNo150 but Fans and Telugu jaathi garva pade movie #GautamiPutraSatakarni This is how land mark film should be — Kalyan Chakravarthi (@kalyanathidhi) 1484220093000
Balayya babu, Dialouges, Music, and finally @DirKrish. simply wow with low budget & within short div. kudos to #GautamiPutraSatakarni team — PAWAN KALYAN fan! (@ThisisMadhav) 1484220031000
Krrish concentrates on War scenes instead of story and history. Even the war scenes in sec half are poorly excecuted #GautamiPutraSatakarni — SADDY (@king_sadashiva) 1484220004000
#GautamiPutraSatakarni is one such film which we can be very proud of 😎 The way Balakrishna sir performed Goosebumps for every dialogue 😍😇 — Pavankumar dhruv (@MyselfPa1) 1484219966000
I feel there is no comparison between #KhaidiNo150 and #GautamiPutraSatakarni becoz it's an historical film with amazing performances! — surya jvss (@surya123jvss) 1484222273000


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